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We are a multifaceted organization dealing in diverse products ranging from Commodities, Agro, Processed foods, Juices, Flavor and fragrances, Paper boards to finished paper, etc. We do C2C, C2B, B2C and B2B. We facilitate trade with diligence with seamless connectivity, complying with the laws of the land both in the country of origin and the destination country. The Promoter and the management team of 3 have a collective experience of over 110 years in General trading. The management is well versed with international commercial terms as laid out by the ICC, as well as on shipping, logistics, Insurance along with a thorough knowledge on international documentation.

The management is also familiar with ICC UCP with a good understanding of banking in terms of Documentary letter of credit both sight as well as Usance, Stand by letter of Credit, Bank guarantees, and other secured payment mode like TT, MT, etc. We also work with many international Law firms, Inspection agencies, Insurance companies and Audit firms.

We extend a secured trade advance to our Suppliers and we secure the supplies on preferential prices. This gives us a pricing advantage with our competitors. We are also proposing to underwrite a large volume of production with our suppliers which would enable us to have an ensured supply of goods at competitive prices. On our buyers we always prefer to have a TT reimbursement upon release of the Shipping documents. In some cases, we would be accepting DLC, SBLC and Irrevocable confirmed bank guarantees.

We as our organization would conduct business with in the frame work of the Laws of the land and ensure highest standards in all spheres of business.


A passionate businessman, an affectionate family man and a compassionate philanthropist, Adi Dubash is a well-known personality among the business communities in India. Having successfully established profitable business ventures and secured robust investments in significant business concerns, he is the epitome of the enterprising spirit of modern India. He is a dynamic statesman with zeal to promote India’s image as a modern commercial and progressive country with state-of-the-art infrastructure and liberal investment policies that encourage foreign investment.

He hails from one of Mumbai's reputable Parsi families and his ancestry can be traced back to Persia, born with an entrepreneurial spirit, he started to help his father in the family’s timber business at the young age of seven and groomed himself over the years to become a seasoned investor in the company, followed by various other local and international ventures. An ardent traveller, he joined the airline and transportation sector in 1975. He later went on to work in the manufacturing sector, producing machinery for industries ranging from mining to food production. With his in-depth knowledge of market situations and trends, has foray into the financial sector was inevitable. A distinguished list of loyal clientele bears testimony to his high-quality product and service standards coupled with good business ethics and principles. His corporate mission is to consistently produce top-quality customized products and services that are delivered in a timely manner at competitive prices to ensure high customer satisfaction. He aims to be a ‘partner of choice' for new local and international business ventures by taking a lead role in promoting and steering projects towards their speedy implementation; and to be an ’employer of choice’ to attract top notch professionals locally and from across the globe.

He strives towards building a consortium of investors from leading business houses of India and his business model is simple -

  • Conceptualize and or source projects that add value and would contribute positively towards industrial growth and economic development of India
  • Conceptualize and or source projects that add value and would contribute positively towards industrial growth and economic development of India
  • Establish world-class manufacturing industries and service facilities to serve and develop national and regional markets.
  • Invest in attracting, hiring and retaining best quality manpower and encourage their continuous education, training and development

A far-sighted visionary, he believes in dreaming and aiming high. His vigour and vision have resulted in the realisation of his entrepreneurial dreams with the incorporation of several prestigious projects in joint venture with leading business houses and corporations of the region. His dynamism, amicable personality and strong leadership skills have ted to his appointment on boards of several business ventures in India, Europe and Africa.

He is a responsible citizen and believes in giving back to society in gratitude for what it has given him. He strongly believes that the need of the hour is to add value to the Indian education system; that English must be taught as a second language and mathematics and science must be taught from the earliest years in kindergarten in addition to local dialects, social history and religion.

Agrumi Gel

By processing culls, like peel, coming from the production cycle we are able to gain dry peel for animal feeding or for pectin extraction as well.
The Company is also endowed with modern plants, which are able to respond to all market’s needs, offering to its customers half-processed products like: pulp wash, pulp, cell and puree.